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Discover the incredible hidden beauty and scenery of Tyrol on an E Bike. Ride More Tirol specialises in E Bike Tours Tirol and provides Austrian mountain biking experience like no other.

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Tyrol is known as the heart of the alps for good reason-its endless rugged mountain ranges, stunning mountain peaks, majestic landscapes and pristine rivers and tributaries with the uniquely beautiful city of Innsbruck as the jewel in the crown.

Let Ride More Tirol take you to places most visitors to Innsbruck don’t see! A tour that is not standard on other tours. An eBike mountain experience that will take your breath away.



With Ride More Tirol it’s all about your visual experience. A visual experience you’ll remember for years to come. Ride More Tirol can deliver that eBike mountain experience through knowledge of the local area. An area rich in beauty and colour.

Ride More Tirol accesses forest roads which allows you to see more in relative safety as there is minimal motorised vehicle use on these forest roads. Forest roads are well maintained and allow access to higher alpine areas and landscapes.

Ride More Tirol offers exceptionally high quality tour packages for your specific needs. Small group sizes of up to 10 people/riders equates to a more spectacular visual eBike mountain experience.


Why eBikes?
eBiking in the last years has become increasingly popular. Popular for a reason. It has allowed riders to access more terrain, see and experience a lot more without the physically draining aspect of standard cycling. eBiking is an easy way to explore what you normally would not. eBiking opens up the possibility to go deeper into valleys and higher to enjoy the majestic and unique views Tyrol has on offer.


Ride More Tirol can offer high quality eBike rentals in all packages. Ride More Tirol has partnered with INNSBRUCK eBIKE RENTAL in Innsbruck and SPORT NORZ in Seefeld, both locally owned and operated bike rental businesses in the heart of Tyrol. INNSBRUCK eBIKE RENTAL and SPORT NORZ offer the latest eBikes to rent. All bikes have been professionally serviced. 


Ride More Tirol tour packages are designed for a mid range level of fitness of riders. The tours do cover a lot of kilometres and vertical height. But in saying this, eBikes make riding a lot less strenuous and therefore less physically draining.

Some riding ability also helps as the tours are on gravel roads which can feel loose when riding at speed. In saying that, the tour is easy going and stress free. We ride for the views not the kilometres travelled.

Tour duration on a Ride More Tirol eBike mountain experience is 4-6 hours depending on tour location.

Ride More Tirol guided tour packages are as follows:

A one day eBike mountain experience tour package starts from 140-EUR per person. For a couple, the price starts from 180-EUR. For any additional guest is only 40-EUR. This price does not include eBike rental. Bike rental is between 40-EUR and 50-EUR including helmet depending on the tour and duration. 

Tour duration is between 4-6 hours depending on tour location.

To book a tour package or to find out more information, please send a message to: anton@ridemoretirol.com or call us on +43 660 4488 240